Tom Andrade

508.583.7478 x333

Co Owner

Thomas Andrade graduated Bentley University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Finance. Prior to joining the team at Everett’s, he worked at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, as Director of Financial Systems.

Tom started at Everett’s Auto Parts, his family’s business, in 1996, first serving as the company’s Controller. Today, as Co-Owner, Tom oversees all departments, ensuring that customers receive the same top-notch service they’ve come to expect at Everett’s Auto Parts. In addition, Tom is Vice President of the Automotive Recyclers of Massachusetts. (ARM)

Aside from his work, Tom enjoys spending time with family, boating, salt-water fishing, and ice hockey.

If you have any questions or comments about Everett’s Auto Parts, Tom would welcome you to share them, just give him a call or email.

Carolyn Southworth

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Office Manager

Carolyn Southworth became Office Manager at Everett’s Auto Parts in 1993. Since then, she has expanded and diversified her skill set with continuing education and CEU seminars focused on management, HR law, and insurance law. She is also a notary public.

At Everett’s, Carolyn is responsible for the corporate office, managing the accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing, and human resources departments.

She also enjoys spending time with family & friends, traveling on vacation, and volunteering for several charities.

Jerry Grignon

508.583.7478 x344

Scrap & Export Production Manager

Jerry Grignon is a 40+ year veteran of the automotive salvage industry, serving as Everett’s Processing & Export Manager since 1983. He is responsible for vehicle processing, scrap metal harvesting, and all aspects of scrap export. Jerry also sets and organizes vehicles in the self-service yard, making it easy for Everett’s customers to find everything they’re looking for.

Though it may look like a dirty job, Jerry’s long-standing dedication to salvage and recycling is just part of his commitment to a cleaner world and wildlife preservation.

John Malanda

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Scale House Manager

John Malanda graduated from Stonehill College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. He joined the team at Everett’s Auto Parts in 1999, holding several positions, and currently serving as Scale House Manager.

In his daily management of the Scale House, John is responsible for the purchase and intake of all vehicles arriving at Everett’s, retail and commercial, as well as the company’s fleet of tow trucks. Aside from their use internally, tow trucks are dispatched to customers without the means to transport salvage vehicles to Everett’s.

John speaks several languages, including French, Portuguese and Spanish, and enjoys soccer and football. He also has a strong religious faith, attending church weekly, and striving to incorporate its principles into all aspects of his daily life.

Ken Vincent

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Used Car Manager

Ken joined the Everett’s Auto Parts team back in 2006, serving as the company’s Used Car manager. Prior to joining Everett’s Ken owned and operated a towing company. Ken expanded that business from towing vehicles to being an auto broker for several salvage yards and used car companies. Ken also specialized in salvage repairable automobiles.

Ken's role at Everett’s is to oversee the used car department. Ken manages the daily operations of the department as well as purchase vehicles for the company. Ken buys used cars, salvage cars, and end of life vehicles.

In his personal life, Ken enjoys spending time with his wife and children, and has been happily married for 27 years. Ken is also an avid golfer.

Andrew Levasseur

508.583.7478 x323

Operations Manager

Andrew joined the Everett's Auto Parts team in 2014, and currently serves as the company’s operations manager. Prior to joining Everett’s Andrew held various positions in the salvage industry with other independent and consolidated auto part companies.

Andrew's role at Everett’s is to oversee the parts warehouse, part pullers and delivery drivers.

Sales Manager

Please direct any sales related issues or questions to Co-Owner, Tom Andrade. Thank You!

David Colbeth

Processing Manager

David Joined the Everett’s Auto Parts team in 2010, and currently serves as the company’s processing manager. Prior to joining Everett’s David worked for as a heavy equipment operator and supervisor.

David's role at Everett’s is to process end of life vehicles. Overseeing the de-pollution of vehicles, metal harvests and vehicle materials, and utilizes heavy equipment to prepare them for sale as automotive shred feed.

In David's personal life, he enjoys camping, NASCAR, and spending time with friends and family. David is also an avid fisherman and pool player.