Sometimes even we can’t believe it!

From a small and remote junk yard started over 50 years ago, Everett’s Auto Parts has grown to be one of the largest and finest yards in New England. We have become a fixture in the region, and our name is popping up all over map. Judging by the growth of our business, we can only assume our customers have, as well.

With more than 25,000 vehicles a year passing through our site, and 1500 cars on hand at any given time, we have one of the finest inventories available today. We have a high quality retail and commercial inventory where we keep the right parts that you need today. Everett’s means truly one stop shopping for used auto parts.

The Andrade Family


1951 - Everett's Auto Parts founded in 1951 by Everisto "Everett" Andrade

1953 - Everett grew the business into a successful auto parts yard

1959 - Everisto tragically passed away at the young age of 45

1960 - Everisto's brother Bill ran the business as his sons Roy and Mark were teenagers

1966 - Roy joined the US Marines and fought in Vietnam

1968 - While in Vietnam, Bill passed away

1972 - The brothers continued to save the business, clean the land, and purchase new inventroy

1986 - Everett's Auto Parts transforms into a self-service yard

1998 - Everett's Auto Parts adopts a hybrid model, with a full-service yard, self-service yard, and scrap operation

2002 - Everett's adopts technology for vehicle purchasing, inventory, and tracking

2012 - Everett's continues to be an industry-leading salvage yard, lending it's success to family, community, and of course, it's customers